Founded in 1976, ULRICH has experienced consistent and steady growth over the years. Based on thoughtful planning and sustained re-investments in the most state-of the-art laboratory and computer equipment, we have been able to expand operations strictly through internal growth. This expansion from within has allowed us to retain the values of quality and integrity in all our activities.

Now under second generation management as the company's operations are led by President Ingrid Ulrich, CA, MBA, we continue to cultivate fresh ideas with energy and dynamism. ULRICH remains a vital company by expanding and changing shape in accordance with our customers’ evolving needs, and by leading rather than simply following changes in the marketplace.

Strong management and employee commitment have helped ULRICH establish a solid reputation for responsiveness, reliability, efficiency and service.

Mission Statement

ULRICH’s mission is to operate a leading multi-disciplinary commercial calibration laboratory offering an unsurpassed level of service and metrology expertise. Externally, the focus is on providing consistently excellent customer service and technical advice. Internally, the emphasis is on providing a work environment that allows for staff development and encourages employee contributions.

Management Philosophy

ULRICH’s commitment to excellence is the underlying guiding principle for all our endeavors. To successfully achieve our mission, we abide by the following enduring values that are the foundation for our business:

Integrity Our conduct as a company, and as individuals within it, will always reflect the highest standards of integrity. We will demonstrate open, honest and ethical behavior in all dealings with customers, suppliers, employees, competitors and others. The ULRICH name is a source of pride to us and as such should inspire trust in those with whom we come in contact.

Teamwork We know that to be a successful company we must work together as a cohesive unit. We encourage our employees to contribute to the best of their ability, individually and in teams. Teamwork improves the quality of decisions and enhances the exchange of technical expertise. Teamwork sustains a spirit of excitement, fulfillment and pride for our business.

Customer Focus We are extremely committed to meeting the needs of our customers and constantly focus on customer satisfaction. We recognize that we can only succeed if we anticipate and meet customer requirements, respond quickly to changing conditions and consistently fulfill customer expectations. We seek long-term relationships that allow us to provide sustained value to our customers.

Performance We strive for continuous improvement in our performance. By emphasizing excellent customer service and prompt turn-around, we strive to render our service in the most efficient and timely manner possible.